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Why should I invest in EGX/BENZ?

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❓Question: Why should I invest in EGX/BENZ?

📌Finish: 17th November 2018

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5th Place: 2000 EGX  + 2000 BENZ 
6th Place: 2000 EGX + 2000 BENZ 
7th Place: 2000 EGX + 2000 BENZ 
8th Place: 2000 EGX + 2000 BENZ 
9th Place: 1000 EGX  + 2000  BENZ 
10th Place: 1000  EGX  + 2000 BENZ 

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Why should i invest in EGX/BENZ?

What this project have that other projects dont?

let s say something about EGX.He has his own blockchain,IronGeeChain,independent platform that support multiple type of digital assets.blockchain is secured by master nodes,they receive fee for transactions.this platform will support smart contract.EGX has algorithm/consensus mechanism called iron dBFT.Iron dBFT is calculating available master nodes,if transactions is confirmed by 80% nodes,the same will be valid.to176 generate a block consensus mechanism need maybe 20 seconds.all that means we have fast transactions,more then 10 times faster then BTC.

Let s say that you can trade you EGX coin-s with low fee,isnt that great?every trader likes that.EGX has desktop wallet,soon we will have mobile and web wallet,you can choose where you want to hold your coins..i mentioned it on start,we have BENZ,fuel of this project,and fuel of IronGeekChain.if you are not trader,you can hold your EGX in your wallet,and by cold stacking you will get BENZ over time.yeah thats true,free coins,i think everyone like free stuffs.more EGX you have in your wallet,more BENZ you will claim.we just need to mention that language support is multiple.

Maximum supply of EGX is 72 milions,and supply of BENZ is 144 milions which will be reached in 10 years.the BENZ generated for first year is 64 milion,then 32 milion,and every year will be halved until reach maximum total supply.

The use of BENZ for transaction fee and smart contracts will make BENZ price sustainable on markets.what that means?that means you can hold your money in BENZ without fear that you wil lose so much if prices start  going down so hard.

When you look web page of project,it s designed that you have everything that you need,from informations about project,team,video,to wallet download link,and didnt mention that wallet is so easy to use,even if you have some troubles you can always find tutorial on github.also support stuff will help you whenever you need that.

Twitter/facebook/telegram activity will help you to get notification about  every move,becuse team is working hard,and will be move forward no doubt.

So buy coins untill price is so cheap,when this coin get noticed by more people,no doubt that price will explode :)

best regards! cheers

Telegram: Crowdholding_nikola994

 EGX - ASfYrNJgwb9FKRokH1thLEkrtquPBLbKYz

 BENZ - ARUaHz9CUzaZKi3hDc4HnS9Yjwb98Qf2kz


Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX (EGX) has its own blockchain, called IronGeekChain. This blockchain is secured by master nodes which are the representation of all EagleX holders.

To validate the transaction, IronGeekChain use a consensus mechanism called Iron dBFT. It is a mechanism to calculate available nodes and determine valid majority voting for each transaction. A transaction will be valid is it is confirmed by 80% of the active master nodes. To generate a block, the consensus mechanism will take 15 – 20 seconds.

IronGeekChain have the following features:
1) Support multiple type of digital asset
2) Smart contract which support decentralized application.
3) Consensus mechanism
4) Quantum resistant
5) Cold staking
6) Desktop, mobile, and web wallets

Benefits of EGX holders are as follows:

1) Cold staking and receive BENZ.
2) EGX will be main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in EagleX system. 
3) EGX will be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in EagleX system. 
4) EGX holders will receive airdrop when a token is issued in EagleX platform.
5) EGX transaction is FREE. So, EGX is the perfect digital asset for transferring needs.

6) EGX supply only 72,000,000 which is very low and as a main currency of their own decentralized exchange it will be in huge demand. Also don't forget EGX transfer is absolutely FREE.

Benefits of BENZ holders are as follows:

1) In IronGeekChain BENZ will act like GAS.

2) More EGX you hold, more BENZ you will get for free.

3) BENZ total supply only 144,000,000 which is low comparing the value that it will be once the exchange comes. It is definitely affordable now and give a good return in future.

Last but not the least, the team is really hard working as they want to create a good ecosystem. The project is at early stages, however the amount of work that the team is doing every minute, clearly shows its bright future. 

My best wishes are with the team. Cheers! 

Telegram : @santa4u (Member of Telegram Group)

ARLJMVowXztT9cRqg6SPy37ohAUcUdnqRt (EGX)

AN1b8SbwqzvQZG6oVb8YHPjkeLzK9acJ2d (BENZ)

Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX project is a new project on its own platform IronGeekChain. The project will launch its own daps, the creation of which is now much easier. The project rewards owners significantly generously, and each successful EGX holder receives a share of tokens from each launched project on the IronGeekChain platform. More hold EGX receive Benz, Benz it is GAS in the IronGeekChain network, the more you have EGX the more you get Benz every day, which is very convenient.The project like the few offers an affordable masternodes, which is very attractive for investors. The price of the project today is unfairly low, giving many people the opportunity to become part of a project that has an ambitious future ahead.

In many developing countries, blockchain technology is in demand. For example Dash thanks to the masternodes love the people of Venezuela, and they have their savings in this coin. I believe that the blockchain technology will greatly help many countries, starting with developing countries, EagleX is no exception.  

Today, the market is in a bearish trend, which means there is no panic for shopping, the market is calm. At this time it is especially important to invest, as the prices are very appropriate and it is necessary to use today.

No one knows the time for a bull market, it comes unexpectedly, I believe that a reasonable investor buys when everyone sells, and sells when everyone buys. Everything has its time, time to sow and time to reap, time to scatter stones and time to collect stones.

There are very few such projects on the market that in the future give you a real asset, and not a useless token that no one knows what it is for. The project is at dawn, the foundation has already been laid, there is a huge building ahead. Good luck in choosing projects for reasonable investment.


Telegram: @maxim_grigs
Id: 328670551


Mengapa saya harus berinvestasi di EGX/BENZ?

Jawabannya satu sebenarnya, karena visi dan misi dari Eagle Payment Sistem ini adalah untuk" membuat mata uang krypto yang dapat digunakan dan diterima di mana saja dan untuk segala jenis pembayaran. Setiap token dan aset digital dapat dikonversi dengan mudah menjadi uang kertas yang sesuai.

Pengguna juga dapat bertukar token fiat mereka ke token fiat lainnya melalui pertukaran uang yang terdesentralisasi jika diperlukan." 

Ini adalah sebuah visi yang menjanjikan sebuah masa depan yang cerah, yang dapat menarik minat para investor untuk berinvestasi di dalam nya. 

Kita semua tidak bisa menutup mata pada perkembangan teknologi blockchain saat ini, sebuah teknologi yang dapat membantu manusia untuk bergerak lebih cepat dan bertindak lebih cepat pula. Teknologi yang dapat mempermudah sistem pembayaran, mempermudah pengiriman asset digital dan kekayaan.

Untuk kedepannya akan banyak orang yang berinvestasi dibidang ini, tentu saja dengan visi untuk mencakup jangkaun yang luas dari penggunaan uang krypto EGX/BENZ ini akan membuat nilai fungsi dan manfaat EGX/BENZ semakin besar pula. Yang pada akhirnya membuatnya dibutuhkan banyak orang sebagai individu maupun badan usaha. 

Sebuah benda atau aset yang mempunyai nilai fungsi dan manfaat yang luas tentu akan memberi nilai ekonomis yang tinggi pula terhadap asset tersebut. Nilai yang mungkin akan terus bertambah dan bertambah seiring dengan perkembangan waktu. Maka berinvestasi disini tentu menjanjikan pertumbuhan aset yang kita miliki.

Apalagi banyak keunggulan yang dimiliki oleh keduan krypto ini.


EagleX (EGX) mewakili kekuatan pengelolaan blockchain dan bertindak sebagai aset digital utama dalam sistem. Jumlah total EagleX adalah 72 juta dengan 2 desimal. Semua EagleX sudah di-pre-mined.

Manfaat untuk pemegang EagleX termasuk:

Pemegang EagleX dapat melakukan cold staking dan menerima BENZ.

EagleX akan menjadi mata uang utama yang digunakan untuk membeli token ketika ICO dilakukan dalam sistem pembayaran Eagle.

EagleX juga akan menjadi mata uang utama untuk dipasangkan dengan koin lain ketika pertukaran terdesentralisasi dibangun dalam sistem pembayaran Eagle.

Pemegang EagleX dapat menerima airdrop ketika token dikeluarkan di ekosistem Eagle.

EagleX memiliki biaya transaksi gratis menjadikan EagleX menjadi aset digital yang sempurna untuk mentransfer kebutuhan.


BENZ dibuat untuk menyalakan IronGeekChain; semua biaya transaksi, pemungutan suara, dan penerapan kontrak cerdas akan dibebankan di BENZ. BENZ dapat diperoleh dengan mengintai EagleX. Pemegang EagleX hanya perlu memegang EagleX mereka di dompetnya dan akan mendapatkan BENZ tanpa perlu menyalakan jaringan, oleh karena itu disebut cold staking. Total pasokan maksimum BENZ adalah 144 juta dengan 2 desimal yang akan dicapai dalam 10 tahun. BENZ yang dihasilkan untuk tahun pertama adalah 64 juta BENZ, lalu 32 juta, 16 juta, 8 juta, dan 4 juta BENZ per tahun hingga mencapai total pasokan maksimum. Tidak ada BENZ pra-ditambang di awal.

Penggunaan BENZ untuk penyebaran kontrak yang cerdas dan biaya transaksi akan membuat harga BENZ berkelanjutan.

Saya rasa itulah yang menjadi dasar buat saya untuk berinvestasi EGX/BENZ ini.

Telegram: @DartoDarto

EGX wallet: 

BENZ wallet:



Why do I have to invest in EGX / BENZ?

The answer is actually, because of the vision and mission of Eagle Payment This system is to "create crypto currencies that can be used and received anywhere and for all types of payments. Each token and digital asset can be easily converted into the appropriate banknotes.

Users can also exchange their fiat tokens to other fiat tokens through decentralized money exchanges if needed. "

This is a vision that promises a bright future, which can attract investors to invest in it.

We all cannot turn a blind eye to the development of blockchain technology today, a technology that can help humans move faster and act faster too. Technology that can simplify the payment system, simplifies the delivery of digital assets and wealth.

In the future, there will be many people investing in this field, of course, with a vision to cover a wide range of uses of krypto EGX / BENZ, this will make the value of the functions and benefits of EGX / BENZ even greater. Which ultimately makes it needed by many people as individuals and business entities.

An object or asset that has a broad function and benefit value will certainly give a high economic value to the asset. Possible values ​​will continue to increase and increase with time. So investing here certainly promises to grow the assets we have.

Moreover, there are many advantages possessed by these two krypto.


EagleX (EGX) represents the power of managing the blockchain and acts as the main digital asset in the system. EagleX's total number is 72 million with 2 decimals. All EagleX have been pre-mined.

Benefits for EagleX holders include:

EagleX holders can do cold staking and accept BENZ.

EagleX will be the main currency used to buy tokens when the ICO is carried out in the Eagle payment system.

EagleX will also be the main currency to be paired with other coins when a decentralized exchange is built into the Eagle payment system.

EagleX holders can receive airdrop when a token is issued in the Eagle ecosystem.

EagleX has free transaction fees making EagleX the perfect digital asset to transfer needs.


BENZ is made to power IronGeekChain; all transaction fees, voting, and the adoption of a smart contract will be charged at BENZ. BENZ can be obtained by stalking EagleX. EagleX holders only need to hold their EagleX in their wallet and will get BENZ without the need to turn on the network, because that is called cold staking. BENZ's maximum total supply is 144 million with 2 decimals to be achieved in 10 years. BENZ produced for the first year was 64 million BENZ, then 32 million, 16 million, 8 million and 4 million BENZ per year to reach a maximum total supply. There is no BENZ pre-mined at the start.

The use of BENZ for intelligent contract distribution and transaction costs will make BENZ prices sustainable.

I think that's the basis for me to invest in EGX / BENZ.

Telegram: @DartoDarto

EGX wallet: 

BENZ wallet:


Because Before Makes EagleX, Eagle has a project called Eaglecoin who have a backup partner also investor and ,at this moment Eagle makes own Blockchain so it's proven if Eagle it's a great Project you must Invest and a lot of benefit income like got BENZ depends how much your EGX Coins it's called Cold Staking

Great point Of EagleX 

Free transaction so makes your perfect assets untouched 

will receive airdrop when any project issues in EagleX Blockchain

EagleX will also become the main currency to be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in Eagle payment system.

EagleX will become the main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in Eagle payment system.

Great Point of Benz

BENZ will be using to transaction fee, voting and smart contract deployment in IronGeekChain( EagleX Blockchain ), BENZ will be generate first year is 64 million BENZ, then 32 million, 16 million, 8 million, and 4 million BENZ per year until reach maximum total supply. There is no pre-mined BENZ at the beginning even if you have some BENZ you can trade in exchanges with BENZ already listed, price

Great Point Of IronGeek Blockchain

Support multiple type of digital asset
Consensus mechanism “Iron dBFT”
Quantum resistant – to prevent a massive attack from quantum computers.
Cold staking – holders will receive BENZ coins by holding EagleX.
Desktop, mobile, and web wallets.
Master Nodes - nodes will receive fee for token transaction
Decentralized Application and ICO – platform will support smart contracts

EagleXL have strong reason why it's better than the old cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum 
1. transactions it's faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum
BTC only 7 TPS (transactions per second) 
ETH only 15 TPS ( transactions per second)
EGX have 10000 TPS (transactions per second)
2. have multiple languages 
3. new algorithm called "Iron dBFT" 
so why you just sitting without invest if you know a great project it's coming in front of you

join EagleX Community here
you can ask anything related with 
Officiall website its support multiple languages
check out 
my telegram : @nicesecond

The EagleX venture's free blockchain is known as IronGeekChain.

IRONGEEKCHAIN                                                                                                                  IronGeekChain will make utilization of an agreement framework which is known as the dBFT (designated Byzantine Fault Tolerant) to authorize all exchanges on the stage. On this stage, an exchange may be substantial on the off chance that it has been explored by two third (2/3) of the agent hubs. The accord component should take up to 15-25 seconds to create a square. IronGeekChain has a considerable measure of astonishing qualities and highlights when contrasted with the other prevalent blockchains.

The blockchain has been said to have the highlights, for example, Quantum safe, Cold staking, Mobile, work area and web wallet, Smart contract which bolsters decentralized utilizations, Consensus component and it underpins diverse sorts of advanced resources. EagleX likewise speaks to the authoritative intensity of the Iron Geek Chain.


IronGeekChain makes utilization of a unique accord system which is for the most part known as dBFT (assigned Byzantine Fault Tolerant). All exchanges are to be inspected by two third (2/3) of all the delegate hubs with the goal for it to be approved. In a circumstance whereby a portion of the agent hubs are sending cheat or false exchanges, the exchange won't be approved if the false ones are under 2/3 of the delegate hubs. The stage is said to expect 15 to 25 seconds to produce a square which it will use to record every single substantial exchange made on the stage. It is said to be able to approve around one thousand exchanges in a single second.


It was declared that IronGeekChain will utilize a cross section based cryptographic instrument to shield and secure the Eagle framework from gigantic assaults by quantum PCs.


Cool staking is the strategy for staking utilized by the IronGeekChain and it empowers clients to guarantee staking rewards without turning on their system. The Eagle holders are permitted to assert their staking reward by basically holding their EagleX. The staking reward is said to be given in BENZ, a local advanced resource in IronGeekChain. The clients are likewise permitted to guarantee their staking reward openly with no cost of exchange.


The Eagle environment has fundamentally two local computerized resources which incorporate;

➢ EagleX


Different gatherings are permitted to make brilliant contracts or advanced resources in Eagle biological community.

The benefits of the new EagleX for the holders incorporate;

➢ EagleX holders are permitted to do chilly staking and get BENZ as reward.

➢ It will empower EagleX holders to get airdrop when a token is issued in the Eagle biological community.

➢ EagleX will end up one of the fundamental monetary forms to be combined with different coins when the decentralized trade is made in the Eagle biological community.

➢ EagleX is additionally anticipated that would turn into the principle cash that will be utilized to buy tokens when an ICO is led in the Eagle biological system.


The BENZ is created for controlling the IronGeekChain. BENZ can be procured by cool staking, that is, staking EagleX. All the EagleX holder needs to do is simply hold their EagleX in their wallet and they will be remunerated with BENZ without turning on their system, which is the reason usually alluded to as cool staking. The most elevated aggregate supply of BENZ is one hundred and forty four (144) million with two decimals which it is relied upon to accomplish in ten years. The aggregate number of BENZ produced for the principal year is around sixty four(64) million BENZ ,at that point thirty two (32) million ,sixteen (16) million, eight (8) million and after that four (4) million every year until the point that it achieves its most astounding aggregate supply which has been said to be one hundred and forty four (144) million. The BENZ isn't pre-mined toward the begin. Another employments of BENZ is that it can be utilized for shrewd contract sending and token exchanges, which will influence BENZ to cost extremely practical.


IronGeekChain is required to have an Eagle Smart Contract System, which will have the capacity to help numerous programming dialects. The shrewd contract designers make utilization of their appropriate programming dialects, for example, C#, Python and the notable Java. Keeping in mind the end goal to set up a brilliant get the engineers might be required to pay some measure of BENZ. The measure of BENZ to be utilized for installment differs as indicated by the level of unpredictability of their savvy contract. This technique is additionally used to raise the request of BENZ and make BENZ more helpful. It will likewise make BENZ more costly. The advantages of utilizing Eagle brilliant contract incorporate;

➢ The keen contract engineers does not really need to take in another programming dialect in light of the fact that IronGeekChain will empower them to utilize any sort of the outstanding programming dialect that they have effectively aced like Java, C# and Python.

➢ Also keen contract engineers are permitted to create airdrop programs for EagleX holders consequently, which makes it a straightforward, productive and cheap promoting framework.

➢ It is likewise invaluable to EagleX holders as in they can get the recently discharged tokens for literally nothing, that is, it is free and does not require EagleX holders to pay any charge.

Computerized ASSETS

Computerized resources are anything that exists in an advanced frame and has appropriate to be utilized by anybody for various purposes. What's more, similar to all other blockchain, advanced resources are a sort of keen get that enables the holders to have controllable, sheltered and very much secured resources in a computerized arrange. Great cases of computerized resources are level cash tokens that are frequently issued by a few associations. The holders of the computerized resources are permitted to change their advantages into a particular measure of cash. There are numerous preferences of utilizing the Eagle framework, a portion of the favorable circumstances it has for installment organizations and level token backers incorporate;

➢ It doesn't require the level token guarantors to make and deal with their arrangement of installment. The Eagle framework is said to be sheltered and very much ensured.

➢ It gives clients faster exchange, even with different guarantors.

➢ It is sheltered and all around secured for online exchanges. It additionally does not expect clients to give traders their own information.

➢ It likewise expect clients to pay little exchange expenses for exchanges with various backers and in addition similar guarantors.

➢ Independent clearing process.

Telegram : @Bilyi

AUQdR9N6W95BzjfVbhRxhGh1aJjD1WYVGf (EGX)

Esglex значительно отличается от других вариантов блокировки с помощью «умных контрактов». Эти протоколы помогают заключать и проверять контракты и обеспечивать выполнение их условий. Другими словами, они помогают компании поставлять поставки безопасно и эффективно и соответствовать требованиям законодательства. Учитывая, сколько компаний сейчас тестирует блокплеер Eaglex, вполне возможно, что он станет общепринятым стандартом в отрасли финансовых услуг.

AMXMDXuxbX5bmE8Cy4kCoZeSUU8qEJEoJFAMXMDXuxbX5bmE8Cy4kCoZeSUU8qEJEoJF  (benz)


Adxd2mt3s4wrfRZ2xW5j5n5JR3vkFSe1yE (Egx)

Почему я инвестировал в EGX/BENZ? Ответ очень простой: потому что проект EagleX202 - это не просто проект, который уже функционирует, а комплексно решает ряд проблем криптовалютного рынка и соответственно закрывает проблему, с которой сталкиваются его участники. Это в свою очередь обеспечивает растущую потребность и интерес к проекту и его токенам. Исходя из этого не сложно спрогнозировать рост цены EGX/BENZ. Соответственно вкладывать деньги в этот проект нужно уже сегодня. Но для большей уверенности, приведу некоторые факты и ключевые особенности проекта:

1.EagleX202 - это независимая блокчейн платформа с универсальной платежной системой Eagle и собственным, многофункциональным а главное независимым Blockchain 3.0- IronGeekChain и алгоритмом консенсуса - Iron dBFT.

2.Проект имеет готовый продукт. Уже официально запущена собственная сеть. А это, согласитесь, огромное преимущество.

3. Проект ориентирован на реальный сектор и практическое применение криптовалюты в нашей повседневной жизни. Мы сможем оплачивать и переводить средства в любой точке мира.

4.  Целью проекта EagleX202 является разработка платежной системы на основе технологии блокчейн, с поддержкой токена фиатных денег. Это решит проблему повседневного использования криптовалюты в жизни обычных людей. Мы сможем использовать криптовалюту в любом месте, применяя при этом любой способ оплаты;

5. Благодаря проекту мы не только получим широкие возможности при совершении операций с криптовалютой и фиатными деньгами, мы сможем экономить на комиссиях за транзакции, значительно повысим безопасность и скорость своих операций, сможем получать вознаграждение за холодное владение EGX на кошельках в токенах BENZ, который, в свою очередь используется для обеспечения функционирования IronGeekChain. А поможет нам в этом опытная и профессиональная команда проекта, которая уже показала свою компетентность и продолжает активно работать над развитием проекта EagleX202 не отклоняясь от дорожной карты проекта.

Описанные выше детали - это далеко не полный список особенностей и преимуществ проекта, которые мы с Вами получим. Однако и эта малая часть позволяет предположить, что перед нами действительно перспективный и успешный проект.

Лично для меня вопрос об инвестировании в проект EagleX202 не стоит. Из всего вышесказанного и учитывая низкую капитализацию проекта EagleX202 на данный момент, можно с большой долей вероятности сделать вывод о его перспективности и успешности.

Telegram : @AlexKr87

 ATjen941dzqrLZfMHMs3ffrmqJeLyK5WBE (EGX/BENZ)