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how can I speak to a Yahoo representative
Asked a question 9 months ago

Why Cash app won’t let me send money if I accept a request?

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how can I speak to a Yahoo representative

If you see that you accept a request but the Cash app won’t let me send money19, then you need to ensure recipient details. Along with this, you have to also ensure that you have sufficient balance to make this transaction, and you are connected with a strong and stable internet connection.

Cash App won't let me send money for my protection:

Cash App often checks your account for any issue that seems a bit unusual and may result in a scam. To avoid any fraud cases,Cash App does not permit the transaction. Cash App consciously fails the very payment to protect you from being charged. In addition, Cash App failed to send money, any amount deducted from your account, you will get refund back instantly to your Cash App account or in bank account balance. Moreover, if not instantly then it may take 1-3 business days to reflect the amount in your account.

You have to avoid the risk of cancelling payments for that you should-

Confirm and re-check the recipient’s payment details like the phone number or $Cashtag before going to start any payment.

Link only those debit or credit cards that are in your name.

Use your Cash Appmore often to maintain a healthy transaction history.

Make transactions to and from people whom you know properly.