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The EagleX venture's free blockchain is known as IronGeekChain.

IRONGEEKCHAIN                                                                                                                  IronGeekChain will make utilization of an agreement framework which is known as the dBFT (designated Byzantine Fault Tolerant) to authorize all exchanges on the stage. On this stage, an exchange may be substantial on the off chance that it has been explored by two third (2/3) of the agent hubs. The accord component should take up to 15-25 seconds to create a square. IronGeekChain has a considerable measure of astonishing qualities and highlights when contrasted with the other prevalent blockchains.

The blockchain has been said to have the highlights, for example, Quantum safe, Cold staking, Mobile, work area and web wallet, Smart contract which bolsters decentralized utilizations, Consensus component and it underpins diverse sorts of advanced resources. EagleX likewise speaks to the authoritative intensity of the Iron Geek Chain.


IronGeekChain makes utilization of a unique accord system which is for the most part known as dBFT (assigned Byzantine Fault Tolerant). All exchanges are to be inspected by two third (2/3) of all the delegate hubs with the goal for it to be approved. In a circumstance whereby a portion of the agent hubs are sending cheat or false exchanges, the exchange won't be approved if the false ones are under 2/3 of the delegate hubs. The stage is said to expect 15 to 25 seconds to produce a square which it will use to record every single substantial exchange made on the stage. It is said to be able to approve around one thousand exchanges in a single second.


It was declared that IronGeekChain will utilize a cross section based cryptographic instrument to shield and secure the Eagle framework from gigantic assaults by quantum PCs.


Cool staking is the strategy for staking utilized by the IronGeekChain and it empowers clients to guarantee staking rewards without turning on their system. The Eagle holders are permitted to assert their staking reward by basically holding their EagleX. The staking reward is said to be given in BENZ, a local advanced resource in IronGeekChain. The clients are likewise permitted to guarantee their staking reward openly with no cost of exchange.


The Eagle environment has fundamentally two local computerized resources which incorporate;

➢ EagleX


Different gatherings are permitted to make brilliant contracts or advanced resources in Eagle biological community.

The benefits of the new EagleX for the holders incorporate;

➢ EagleX holders are permitted to do chilly staking and get BENZ as reward.

➢ It will empower EagleX holders to get airdrop when a token is issued in the Eagle biological community.

➢ EagleX will end up one of the fundamental monetary forms to be combined with different coins when the decentralized trade is made in the Eagle biological community.

➢ EagleX is additionally anticipated that would turn into the principle cash that will be utilized to buy tokens when an ICO is led in the Eagle biological system.


The BENZ is created for controlling the IronGeekChain. BENZ can be procured by cool staking, that is, staking EagleX. All the EagleX holder needs to do is simply hold their EagleX in their wallet and they will be remunerated with BENZ without turning on their system, which is the reason usually alluded to as cool staking. The most elevated aggregate supply of BENZ is one hundred and forty four (144) million with two decimals which it is relied upon to accomplish in ten years. The aggregate number of BENZ produced for the principal year is around sixty four(64) million BENZ ,at that point thirty two (32) million ,sixteen (16) million, eight (8) million and after that four (4) million every year until the point that it achieves its most astounding aggregate supply which has been said to be one hundred and forty four (144) million. The BENZ isn't pre-mined toward the begin. Another employments of BENZ is that it can be utilized for shrewd contract sending and token exchanges, which will influence BENZ to cost extremely practical.


IronGeekChain is required to have an Eagle Smart Contract System, which will have the capacity to help numerous programming dialects. The shrewd contract designers make utilization of their appropriate programming dialects, for example, C#, Python and the notable Java. Keeping in mind the end goal to set up a brilliant get the engineers might be required to pay some measure of BENZ. The measure of BENZ to be utilized for installment differs as indicated by the level of unpredictability of their savvy contract. This technique is additionally used to raise the request of BENZ and make BENZ more helpful. It will likewise make BENZ more costly. The advantages of utilizing Eagle brilliant contract incorporate;

➢ The keen contract engineers does not really need to take in another programming dialect in light of the fact that IronGeekChain will empower them to utilize any sort of the outstanding programming dialect that they have effectively aced like Java, C# and Python.

➢ Also keen contract engineers are permitted to create airdrop programs for EagleX holders consequently, which makes it a straightforward, productive and cheap promoting framework.

➢ It is likewise invaluable to EagleX holders as in they can get the recently discharged tokens for literally nothing, that is, it is free and does not require EagleX holders to pay any charge.

Computerized ASSETS

Computerized resources are anything that exists in an advanced frame and has appropriate to be utilized by anybody for various purposes. What's more, similar to all other blockchain, advanced resources are a sort of keen get that enables the holders to have controllable, sheltered and very much secured resources in a computerized arrange. Great cases of computerized resources are level cash tokens that are frequently issued by a few associations. The holders of the computerized resources are permitted to change their advantages into a particular measure of cash. There are numerous preferences of utilizing the Eagle framework, a portion of the favorable circumstances it has for installment organizations and level token backers incorporate;

➢ It doesn't require the level token guarantors to make and deal with their arrangement of installment. The Eagle framework is said to be sheltered and very much ensured.

➢ It gives clients faster exchange, even with different guarantors.

➢ It is sheltered and all around secured for online exchanges. It additionally does not expect clients to give traders their own information.

➢ It likewise expect clients to pay little exchange expenses for exchanges with various backers and in addition similar guarantors.

➢ Independent clearing process.

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