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Because Before Makes EagleX, Eagle has a project called Eaglecoin who have a backup partner also investor and ,at this moment Eagle makes own Blockchain so it's proven if Eagle it's a great Project you must Invest and a lot of benefit income like got BENZ depends how much your EGX Coins it's called Cold Staking

Great point Of EagleX 

Free transaction so makes your perfect assets untouched 

will receive airdrop when any project issues in EagleX Blockchain

EagleX will also become the main currency to be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in Eagle payment system.

EagleX will become the main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in Eagle payment system.

Great Point of Benz

BENZ will be using to transaction fee, voting and smart contract deployment in IronGeekChain( EagleX Blockchain ), BENZ will be generate first year is 64 million BENZ, then 32 million, 16 million, 8 million, and 4 million BENZ per year until reach maximum total supply. There is no pre-mined BENZ at the beginning even if you have some BENZ you can trade in exchanges with BENZ already listed, price

Great Point Of IronGeek Blockchain

Support multiple type of digital asset
Consensus mechanism “Iron dBFT”
Quantum resistant – to prevent a massive attack from quantum computers.
Cold staking – holders will receive BENZ coins by holding EagleX.
Desktop, mobile, and web wallets.
Master Nodes - nodes will receive fee for token transaction
Decentralized Application and ICO – platform will support smart contracts

EagleXL have strong reason why it's better than the old cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ethereum 
1. transactions it's faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum
BTC only 7 TPS (transactions per second) 
ETH only 15 TPS ( transactions per second)
EGX have 10000 TPS (transactions per second)
2. have multiple languages 
3. new algorithm called "Iron dBFT" 
so why you just sitting without invest if you know a great project it's coming in front of you

join EagleX Community here
you can ask anything related with 
Officiall website its support multiple languages
check out 
my telegram : @nicesecond

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