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Nikola Mecanin

Why should i invest in EGX/BENZ?

What this project have that other projects dont?

let s say something about EGX.He has his own blockchain,IronGeeChain,independent platform that support multiple type of digital assets.blockchain is secured by master nodes,they receive fee for transactions.this platform will support smart contract.EGX has algorithm/consensus mechanism called iron dBFT.Iron dBFT is calculating available master nodes,if transactions is confirmed by 80% nodes,the same will be valid.to74 generate a block consensus mechanism need maybe 20 seconds.all that means we have fast transactions,more then 10 times faster then BTC.

Let s say that you can trade you EGX coin-s with low fee,isnt that great?every trader likes that.EGX has desktop wallet,soon we will have mobile and web wallet,you can choose where you want to hold your coins..i mentioned it on start,we have BENZ,fuel of this project,and fuel of IronGeekChain.if you are not trader,you can hold your EGX in your wallet,and by cold stacking you will get BENZ over time.yeah thats true,free coins,i think everyone like free stuffs.more EGX you have in your wallet,more BENZ you will claim.we just need to mention that language support is multiple.

Maximum supply of EGX is 72 milions,and supply of BENZ is 144 milions which will be reached in 10 years.the BENZ generated for first year is 64 milion,then 32 milion,and every year will be halved until reach maximum total supply.

The use of BENZ for transaction fee and smart contracts will make BENZ price sustainable on markets.what that means?that means you can hold your money in BENZ without fear that you wil lose so much if prices start  going down so hard.

When you look web page of project,it s designed that you have everything that you need,from informations about project,team,video,to wallet download link,and didnt mention that wallet is so easy to use,even if you have some troubles you can always find tutorial on github.also support stuff will help you whenever you need that.

Twitter/facebook/telegram activity will help you to get notification about  every move,becuse team is working hard,and will be move forward no doubt.

So buy coins untill price is so cheap,when this coin get noticed by more people,no doubt that price will explode :)

best regards! cheers

Telegram: Crowdholding_nikola994

 EGX - ASfYrNJgwb9FKRokH1thLEkrtquPBLbKYz

 BENZ - ARUaHz9CUzaZKi3hDc4HnS9Yjwb98Qf2kz


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