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Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX (EGX) has its own blockchain, called IronGeekChain. This blockchain is secured by master nodes which are the representation of all EagleX holders.

To validate the transaction, IronGeekChain use a consensus mechanism called Iron dBFT. It is a mechanism to calculate available nodes and determine valid majority voting for each transaction. A transaction will be valid is it is confirmed by 80% of the active master nodes. To generate a block, the consensus mechanism will take 15 – 20 seconds.

IronGeekChain have the following features:
1) Support multiple type of digital asset
2) Smart contract which support decentralized application.
3) Consensus mechanism
4) Quantum resistant
5) Cold staking
6) Desktop, mobile, and web wallets

Benefits of EGX holders are as follows:

1) Cold staking and receive BENZ.
2) EGX will be main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in EagleX system. 
3) EGX will be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in EagleX system. 
4) EGX holders will receive airdrop when a token is issued in EagleX platform.
5) EGX transaction is FREE. So, EGX is the perfect digital asset for transferring needs.

6) EGX supply only 72,000,000 which is very low and as a main currency of their own decentralized exchange it will be in huge demand. Also don't forget EGX transfer is absolutely FREE.

Benefits of BENZ holders are as follows:

1) In IronGeekChain BENZ will act like GAS.

2) More EGX you hold, more BENZ you will get for free.

3) BENZ total supply only 144,000,000 which is low comparing the value that it will be once the exchange comes. It is definitely affordable now and give a good return in future.

Last but not the least, the team is really hard working as they want to create a good ecosystem. The project is at early stages, however the amount of work that the team is doing every minute, clearly shows its bright future. 

My best wishes are with the team. Cheers! 

Telegram : @santa4u (Member of Telegram Group)

ARLJMVowXztT9cRqg6SPy37ohAUcUdnqRt (EGX)

AN1b8SbwqzvQZG6oVb8YHPjkeLzK9acJ2d (BENZ)

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