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Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX project is a new project on its own platform IronGeekChain. The project will launch its own daps, the creation of which is now much easier. The project rewards owners significantly generously, and each successful EGX holder receives a share of tokens from each launched project on the IronGeekChain platform. More hold EGX receive Benz, Benz it is GAS in the IronGeekChain network, the more you have EGX the more you get Benz every day, which is very convenient.The project like the few offers an affordable masternodes, which is very attractive for investors. The price of the project today is unfairly low, giving many people the opportunity to become part of a project that has an ambitious future ahead.

In many developing countries, blockchain technology is in demand. For example Dash thanks to the masternodes love the people of Venezuela, and they have their savings in this coin. I believe that the blockchain technology will greatly help many countries, starting with developing countries, EagleX is no exception.  

Today, the market is in a bearish trend, which means there is no panic for shopping, the market is calm. At this time it is especially important to invest, as the prices are very appropriate and it is necessary to use today.

No one knows the time for a bull market, it comes unexpectedly, I believe that a reasonable investor buys when everyone sells, and sells when everyone buys. Everything has its time, time to sow and time to reap, time to scatter stones and time to collect stones.

There are very few such projects on the market that in the future give you a real asset, and not a useless token that no one knows what it is for. The project is at dawn, the foundation has already been laid, there is a huge building ahead. Good luck in choosing projects for reasonable investment.


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