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Sheila Bennett , Crypto Trader

EagleX (EGX) represent the managing power of the blockchain and act as the main digital asset in the system. Total amount of EagleX is 72 million with 2 decimals. All EagleX are pre-mined.

The benefits for EagleX holders are including:

  • EagleX holders can do cold staking and receive BENZ.
  • EagleX will become the main currency used for buying token when an ICO is conducted in Eagle payment system.
  • EagleX will also become the main currency to be paired with other coins when the decentralized exchange is built in Eagle payment system.
  • EagleX holders can receive airdrop when a token is issued in Eagle ecosystem.
  • EagleX has a free transaction fee makes EagleX becoming perfect digital asset for transferring need.
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