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Mengapa saya harus berinvestasi di EGX/BENZ?

Jawabannya satu sebenarnya, karena visi dan misi dari Eagle Payment Sistem ini adalah untuk" membuat mata uang krypto yang dapat digunakan dan diterima di mana saja dan untuk segala jenis pembayaran. Seti... (More)


Why should i invest in EGX/BENZ?

What this project have that other projects dont?

let s say something about EGX.He has his own blockchain,IronGeeChain,independent platform that support multiple type of digital assets.blockchain is secured by master n... (More)


Почему я инвестировал в EGX/BENZ? Ответ очень простой: потому что проект EagleX54 - это не просто проект, который уже функционирует, а комплексно решает ряд проблем криптовалютного рынка и соответственно закрывает проблему, с которой сталкиваются его... (More)


Because Before Makes EagleX, Eagle has a project called Eaglecoin who have a backup partner also investor and ,at this moment Eagle makes own Blockchain so it's proven if Eagle it's a great Project you must Invest and a lot of benefit income like g... (More)


The EagleX venture's free blockchain is known as IronGeekChain.

IRONGEEKCHAIN                                                 &nb... (More)


Official web site: https://eaglepay.io41
Telegram English community:
Telegram English channel:
Telegram Russian community:
Telegram Malaysia community: (More)


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The best 10 answers will rewarded:
🥇1st Place: 10000 EGX + 15000 BENZ  
🥈2nd Place: 7000 EGX    + 10000 BENZ  
🥉3rd Place: 5000 EGX   + 8000 BENZ  
4th Place: 3000 EGX  + 5000 BENZ  
5th Place: 2000 EGX  +... (More)


Esglex значительно отличается от других вариантов блокировки с помощью «умных контрактов». Эти протоколы помогают заключать и проверять контракты и обеспечивать выполнение их условий. Другими словами, они помогают компании поставлять поставки безоп... (More)


You can also find out the price of the token on the exchange where the itis traded.


1️⃣ The answer should be minimum 300 words in the topic: “Why should I invest in EGX/BENZ?”
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Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX (EGX) has its own blockchain, called IronGeekChain. This blockchain is secured by master nodes which are the representation of all EagleX holders.

To validate the transaction, IronGeekChain use a consensus ... (More)


Why invest in EagleX and Benz? 

EagleX project is a new project on its own platform IronGeekChain. The project will launch its own daps, the creation of which is now much easier. The project rewards owners significantly generously, and each suc... (More)

EagleX (EGX) represent the managing power of the blockchain and act as the main digital asset in the system. Total amount of EagleX is 72 million with 2 decimals. All EagleX are pre-mined.

The benefits for EagleX holders are including:

  • EagleX holders... (More)

Coinmarketcap is the best resource for now to check the latest prices.

Follow these links:

EagleX: 36


EagleX got listed on Binance Info on October 2018.

Check it our here:

Dale Garza
Biomedical Engineer

They have repositories that will be announced by publishing the screenshots. The latest releases are displayed in Roadmap59.

Today everyone want to become developer, what if there's a clone of eagleX, buyer will be disappointed. 

Take a look ... (More)

I will explain it here. We also have a short video that explains it well57.

EagleX (EGX) represent the managing power of the blockchain and act as the main digital asset in the system. Total amount of EagleX is 72 million with 2 decimals. All EagleX a... (More)